Sunday, January 29, 2006


In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was within me an invincible summer.
-Albert Camus


Writer Mom said...


Rain said...

Oui!! L'Etranger!

Ms Burden said...

Here's a quote of a Brazilian poet - also a weird artist:

“If I were a priest, I would not preach about God or sins (...); I would cite the poets, pray their verses, the most beautiful ones, (...) because poetry purifies the soul...and a beautiful poem - even those which are apart from God -, a beautiful poem always takes us to Heaven!”

Mario Quintana

Rain said...

Laila, that is a great quote, when you say a weird artist, it makes me want to learn more about her!

Ms Burden said...

Mario Quintana was a male poet... It's worth getting to read his work.

A guy by this name, JOHNNY LORENZ, is probably the only author who has translated Mario's poems. I tried to located something on the web, but they were all in Portuguese. If you read some French, I can send you some of his stuff in that language.

Take Care, Cathy
Laila Chris

Rain said...

ooops, better put my glasses on, I thought you said Maria :)

I can read a little French. I'm going to attach my email to my profile, so you can send me something.

Sassy said...

I dont have anything smart to say, but that sure is a cute dog!!!


shorty said...

This time of the year was my favorite time in AZ. Hope all is well. Pet that cute dog for me.

Rain said...

Thanks Sassy, I think he's cute too, I love his little "beer" belly.

Shorty, we have to talk about AZ sometime. I used to live there, I forget how long ago since you left. It's a real longing, I know. Hope we both get back soon!